Angel Chant



The Archangels have been honored and invoked in many religious traditions—in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and esoteric magical traditions as well. It is believed that they are God’s messengers, and they also offer us strength, protection, courage, healing, and guidance. There is a Jewish prayer that calls upon four of the archangels to surround us, enveloping in their circle of love and protection:

In the name if the everlasting: May the guidance of the archangel Michael be at my right and the strength of the archangel Gabriel be at our left. May the light of Uriel be before me and the healing arms of the archangel Raphael, behind me.

This chant is inspired by that prayer, simply calling the names of the four angels: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel

Words and Music by Jody Kessler

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