We are based in Ithaca, NY, and travel to cultural centers, yoga studios, retreat centers, churches and other spiritual communities, colleges, and festivals around the U.S.

One Love features Kripalu Yoga teacher and interfaith minister Jyoti (Jody Kessler) on guitar and vocals, and multi-instrumental wizard Joe Smellow on percussion and an array of flutes, harmonica, pan pipes, didgeridoo, and more. We are also joined by an extended family of guest musicians and singers; the number of performers varies depending upon the venue.


Check out our bios below to learn more about the amazing community of musicians that have played with us!





Band Bios

Joe Smellow 

Joe Smellow: multi-instrumentalist, improv wizard


Jyoti with guitar

Jyoti (Jody Kessler): Interfaith Minister, Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Singer/Songwriter

Angle Beeler: Singer/songwriter, vocal powerhouse, kickass percussion, sweet harmonies




A Taste of the ONE LOVE Experience:

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